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Smyrna Landscaping & Lawn Care - Smyrna, Georgia
Farley’s Landscaping is one of the premier full service landscaping companies in the Smyrna, Georgia area. Our services include landscape creation, landscape maintenance, irrigation system installation and maintenance, landscape lighting and much more. Our experienced landscapers guarantee clean, prompt service. Farley’s Landscaping is a certified, professional landscaping company that has been serving the Smyrna area for the past decade.

We serve both residential and commercial properties. Don't trust your lawn or business property to anyone with a lawnmower. Farley’s Landscaping and Lawn Care is licensed and bonded. We offer a wealth of landscape experience and expertise, at the same prices as inexperienced landscapers. Farley’s Landscaping specializes in commercial, municipal, and residential maintenance, design, and installation. From complex landscaping projects to simple lawn care, we can take care of your Smyrna property. All projects are directly overseen by the owner, who has ten years of landscaping experience. Farley’s Landscaping has experience in retail, commercial, healthcare facility, multi-family, and residential landscape maintenance, design, and installation. We have many high profile clients that require a high level of service and attention including municipalities, state agencies, property management firms, home owners associations, among other private and public entities. Farley’s has become an industry leader in Smyrna; contact us today to find out why!
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