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Farley’s Landscaping is a Sandy Springs based company, locally owned and operated under the direction of Bryan Farley and several of his family members. We are a knowledgeable, reliable and trustworthy landscaping company in operation since 1999 and have accumulated a large base of commercial and residential customers in Sandy Springs and the greater Atlanta, Georgia area.

We have built our reputation on the superior quality of our work and the thoroughness and efficiency with which we do it, within the budget of our clients. We have earned the trust of our customers by providing years of consistent, quality- oriented work and have earned a ton of work just on word of amount referrals in Sandy Springs alone.

We believe in making your landscaping project and maintenance completely painless to you. That's why we have assembled a large fleet of customized landscaping trucks, trailers and landscape equipment that work together with our highly trained staff to get your job done right. We offer complete landscaping services including lawn care, landscape design and installations, erosion control, irrigation systems, fertilizing, pesticides, lawn installations, lawn mowing, plus much more.

Feel safe knowing your landscape designs and maintenance are in the best hands as all of our work is guaranteed. If you're looking for a customized outdoor landscape creation done by a professional company at a competitive price, or simply need commercial or residential maintenance, then contact us today to get started.

We can create and maintain the perfect outdoor environment for your new or existing home or commercial property located in Sandy Springs or the greater Atlanta area.
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