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Powder Springs Landscaping & Lawn Care - Powder Springs, GA
Since 1999, Farley’s Landscaping has been providing Powder Springs, Georgia with timely landscaping services, quality products and true professionalism for all of our clients’ lawn care and landscaping needs. Our landscaping and lawn care specialists offer the necessary maintenance and landscaping services to keep your property healthy all year long. Among the leading landscaping companies is Georgia and greater Atlanta, based on affordability and professionalism, we stand true to our commitment of providing guaranteed results.

Services provided in Powder Springs include:

• Commercial Landscape Maintenance
• Full-Service Residential Lawn Care
• Fertilizers and Pesticides
• Landscape Design and Installation
• Erosion Control
• Aeration and slit-seeding
• Pressure Washing

Plus much more….

Residential and commercials customers of Powder Springs will enjoy lush, green properties sure to attract attention. Our professionals at Farley’s Landscaping use the highest quality EPA approved products ensuring you'll receive the most affective applications. We also employ some of the best landscaping and lawn care employees in the area, people who are truly committed to their landscaping careers. From simple lawn mowing and lawn care to maintaining massive commercial properties, we can handle all of your landscaping needs in Powder Springs.

We run routes all over Powder Springs almost daily. Call us today for a free estimate!

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