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Farley’s Landscaping is a diverse full-service landscaping company that serves the College Park, GA area with professional and affordable services. We service a large number of commercial and residential landscaping customers in College Park and the greater Atlanta, area. We have grown steadily over the past ten years and are committed to providing our customers with the most affordable, reliable and professional landscaping and lawn care available in College Park.

Farley’s Landscaping has been serving the public for a decade in landscape design, construction, and installation. We also provide ongoing landscape maintenance services to a massive base of customers. Our staff of trained professionals are on call throughout the week. Our full range of landscaping services include lawn care, landscape installations, erosion control, irrigation systems, herbicides, pesticides, fences, stone and concrete work, plus much more.

We believe that landscaping isn't an expense, it’s an investment that beautifies your home or business, increases its value and also encourages others to follow your good example. Landscaping isn't just a job, it’s an art, and if done right! It can be eye-catching, breathtaking and even therapeutic. We are here to help beautify College Park!

- Experienced
- Dedicated
- Professional
- Proactive
- Fully Licensed and Insured
- Financially Stable
- Family Owned and Operated
- Georgia Based

Contact us today for a free quote!  We are always running routes in College Park nearly every day of the week.
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