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Thank you for visiting Farley’s Landscaping, a leading landscaping and lawn care company that services Carrollton, Georgia. Our landscaping and lawn care company was founded in 1999 and focuses on providing affordable and reliable landscaping and lawn care for commercial businesses and residents in Carrollton and the greater West Georgia area. Our reputation and success has been established over the years due to the quality of service each customer receives. The properties we manage in Carrollton speak for themselves. Our staff is comprised of family members who have grown up alongside the business and seasoned technicians and laborers who are capable of answering questions concerning your landscape. We use the absolute best products and work hard to hire and retain a dedicated staff who are truly interested in making landscaping their careers. We hope you will consider allowing Farley’s Landscaping and Lawn Care to be your partner on the road to that healthy beautiful landscape we can both be proud of. Services offered to both commercial and residential customers include commercial landscape maintenance, residential lawn care, landscape design, erosion control, pressure washing, fertilizing, pesticides, plus much more. Give us a call today!
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