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Austell Landscaping & Lawn Care - Austell, Georgia
Farley's Landscaping is a leading locally owned landscaping company that services the Austell, GA area with a full range of landscaping and lawn care services. We are different because we put the customer first, always.  We continue to grow steadily throughout Austell and the greater Atlanta and west Georgia area because we never forget the reason the company was founded, and today we offer our services to both commercial and residential customers.   All of our employees are trained to give outstanding customer service, to respect our client's property, the environment, and use safe work practices at all times.   At Farley’s Landscaping, we believe in being pro-active about providing landscape management and maintenance services; we provide solutions to your problems, often before you even know you have a problem!   Service is at the core of everything we do and the key to our outstanding growth is open and responsible communication with our customers. Our customers always know exactly what we are doing and what to expect from us.  At Farley’s Landscaping your property is our number one priority.  Services include full service landscaping, lawn care, erosion control, pressure washing, fertilizing, pesticides, irrigation system installation and maintenance, plus much more.   Find out why we are a leader in Austell and contact us today! 
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Farley's Landscaping & Lawn Care
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